Sapir Method

The Sapir method’s purpose is to improve learning abilities, cognitive skills and motor skills. The method was created by Tirza Sapir and was first presented in 2003. Today, the method is applied in Israel with diverse population (learning disabilities, ADHD, cognitive decline) and with different ages (kids, teens, golden age).

The method is based on principles from Eshkol-Wachman Movement Notation: Structure of the human body, manuscript page, spherical system of reference for the definition of space and the movement abilities of the body. The method incorporates movement execution, reading, writing and creating

The results in the educational field demonstrate that the flowing dialogue from the body to the written word and from reading to the body’s movement, strengthens the basic abilities of learning (reading, writing, mathematics, sequence), coordinative abilities, spatial abilities and attention abilities.

Coordintion exercises based on Eshkol Wachman Notation.