Moving Landscapes


“Moving Landscapes” is a cycle of twelve dances (variations) all based on the following numerical sequence:

The sequence of values is divided into eight sections a, b, c, d, e, j, g. h, in which there is a constant component and a varying component. The whole pattern occurs twice in each dance (indicated in the score by I, D). The values in the above scheme show the overlapping that is present in all the dances, of the units representing spatial movement in EW movement notation, signified by units of amount of movement (1=45°), and time units. (The value of one time unit is expressed as a given metronome value.)

From Moving Landscape 
May 2007
Givatayim  Theatre, Israel
Choreography: Tirza Sapir
Performing: Sharon Reshef-Armony, Nira Al-Dor