After Painters

In the steps of painters 2016 Performed by RikudNetto in 2016. Performed by RikudNetto in 2019.


Seascapes 2010 – 2018 From the prologue to Seascapes by Orli Yaakov “Seascapes is the first dance suite composed by Tirza but the last to be published. Working on a composition and enhancing the dances lasted more than 30 years, new dances were added, new movements and variations of choreography were created. Tirza was working […]

Moving Landscapes

Moving Landscapes 2007 “Moving Landscapes” is a cycle of twelve dances (variations) all based on the following numerical sequence: The sequence of values is divided into eight sections a, b, c, d, e, j, g. h, in which there is a constant component and a varying component. The whole pattern occurs twice in each dance […]


Birds 2006 Birds is a cycle of nine variations structured on the basis of numerical pattern. This pattern serves as the scaffolding for the combinations of movement that appear in the various dances. The values comprising this array are manifested through the notation either as amounts of movement (l = 45 degrees), as positions, as […]

Peter Pan

Peter Pan 1972 Peter Pan was the largest production Sapir did within her work in the community. It was commissioned and performed by the members of Kibbutz Gat for the festivities to mark 30 years to the foundation of the kibbitz. The dancers were all kibbutz members with ages ranging from children to people in […]

Festive Dances

Festive Dances 2013 An excerpt from the Introductory essay by Shlomit Ofer, “A Time for Dancing: A suite of festive dances by Tirza Sapir” This book comprises a suite of festive dances composed by Tirza Sapir between the years 1961 – 2011. Most of the dances were staged within the frame of festive celebrations in […]

Hanukka Notebook

Hanukka Notebook 1987 An excerpt from the introductory preface to the book by Noa Eshkol ..Tirza presented me with the original material of this publication at the close of the academic year 1986. It represented a summary of her work done both at Karmia and at the Training College. Originally there were two notebooks, one […]