About Rikud Netto

Rikud Netto is a dance company. It was founded in 1986 by Tirza Sapir (1941-2018), a student and colleague of Professor Noa Eshkol, who was the head of the Dance School in Seminar Hakibutzim College (2000-2007).

The company works with movement and academic research of Eshkol Wachman movement notation in its theoretical expression on the basis of informed compositions, and practically on the basis of staged dance performances. Sapir was its choreographer and head of the company.

The company’s inspiration and aims.

The source of inspiration for the company is Eshkol Wachman Movement Notation(EWMN). Its aim is executing compositions that were written as a response to EWMN inspiration and are engaged in artistic and aesthetic practice with movement structures and the variations that result from them and the third dimensional paths that are created by bodies in space and time during dance.

Staged relationships that highlight the movements relationships and rhythm and the expression of dramatic and poetic content hidden within them.

Improving conscious motor capabilities that enable dance to use coordinated combinations at different levels of difficulty.

In depth enquiry into ways of teaching the language that are anchored in the movement culture of different target audiences.

Researching a range of subjects where EWMN is used as a basis or a frame to view the complexity of the world of movement and dance.

The company’s activities

The company does a range of activities:

Performances in professional settings.

Performances with interpretation that include analysis of the structure of the dances and the motifs used.

Workshops in movement and movement notation aimed at dancers and teachers of professional dance.

Workshops for dance teachers who teach at primary and secondary schools and for teachers of children with learning difficulties.

Documenting and notating different dance and movement cultures.